Northport Real Estate as an Investment

There is no doubt that the stock market is hot. We are experiencing a very long-term period of solid returns on investments in companies. If you have experience with various industries, investing in the market can be a sensible use of your investment capital. However, many people are invested in companies that operate in fields that they really have no particularly useful knowledge in. This can be very risky since you are reduced to investing based on secondhand information – much of which may be given with an agenda. There is, however a type of investment that is a lot more intuitive than the stock market, and that is real estate.

We all must live somewhere. Over time, most Northport residents get a sense for what is most desired in the real estate market. We learn why some rents are higher than others and why some homes for sale stay on the market longer than others. This practical knowledge is all you really need to get started with your first real estate investment. As long as you are taking on a fairly straightforward investment, your first foray into Northport real estate is probably going to be a safer bet than trying to beat the stock market. Here are 6 reasons why:


When you buy a stock, all you really have is a piece of paper or some electronic data saying you own something that is real and worth the money. In the back of many stock and bond investors’ minds, there is often that fear of an Enron-like catastrophe. The risk of investing in any company is that the fundamentals of that company as reported to you may be inaccurate. With Northport homes, you have something tangible that you can actually jump into the car and visit if you wish.

Good Leverage

Most assets you can buy can’t even be leveraged, and of those that can, none perform like real estate. Real estate is the preferred asset for lenders in Northport, New York. Where else can you get eighty percent leverage at 30 years with a low rate of interest?

Inflation Safe

If inflation goes up and drives up the cost of all things for sale, so will rents and property values. Obviously, that is great for the real property owner. Also, if you chose well, the property will still maintain a positive value if prices cool down. In that respect, real estate is a lot like gold.

Appropriate for All Trends

There is a North NY property to meet all megatrends sweeping America. The baby boomer generation is nearing an almost complete retirement condition. Millennials are almost universally buying smaller homes than the previous two generations if they can afford to buy at all. If you have purchased rental properties in or near the city center, you are already well positioned to take advantage. Another great property to own now would be trailer park land. Some of those boomers are going to look to downsize in retirement. Still, as millennials begin to see some advances in income, those larger homes will pick up in desirability again among that cohort. If you chose a reasonably attractive or practical piece of Northport real estate, it is hard to lose right now.

Rate of Return

Most real estate sectors have positive returns most of the time. Many properties will reach return levels several times better than other types of investments. Mobile home parks in particular is a reliable performer.


Last but certainly not least is the sheer variety of real estate investing you can get into. You can plunge all the way in on one type of real property investment, or you can create a varied portfolio of property types. Of course, you know about investing in single family homes, but have you considered apartment buildings or a duplex? You can even invest in mobile home parks, marinas, storage facilities, offices, retail spaces, RV parks, and assisted living complexes. Each niche has its own nuances so no matter what your investing temperament is, there is a real estate investment for you!

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